Our core business is oriented towards developing tailor-made software. Providing personalized solutions based on the needs of each client is our pride and joy. We carefully listen to your desires, constructively analyzing the ‘WHY’ behind your strategies and transforming your wishes into solid, scalable, and efficient solutions uniquely designed for your company’s environment.


The mere amount of data generated every day is growing exponentially. New solutions in hardware and software lead to a maelstrom where new and old information mix making it virtually impossible to gather the most valuable data without using dedicated software.

Thanks to our extensive experience in business intelligence and data warehousing, your data will become a stable and reliable resource, allowing your organization to perform a faster and safer decision-making process.


The Plan-Do-Check-Act model allows us to always be in control of its processes, granting a constant and steady improvement. By applying this iterative model, MM Guides quickens all the processes necessary to the creation of new products, while monitoring their quality and functionality. The iterative nature of this model perfectly fits with the Agile/Scrum framework, granting an exceptional synergy between planning and execution.


Technological progress is what defines innovations today. Being up to date with the current software standards is a goal shared by several businesses, regardless of the industry they operate in. During the past 25 years, MM Guide directly experienced the software evolution, acquiring a deep understanding of both legacy and contemporary software solutions. We will be glad to assist your company in updating your infrastructure and applications to current-day standards, establishing a scalable, secure, and reliable software environment.


Personalized data gathering is the gold rush of the contemporary age. For this reason, MM Guide developed GeoSense, a platform to allow our clients to collect specific and localized geo-based information. Our software is a platform able to stack any layer of data, process, and visualize it, provided they carry a longitude and a latitude. The simple interface based on a drag and drop slick map offers endless possibilities without the need of a professional data analyst. Take hold of your data, today!
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