Our specialist service is a simple and effective way to boost your software engineering teams by merging highly skilled individuals with your in-house team. This solution grants you an extra edge during critical development phases while providing you an external and unbiased point of view. Our service will enhance your work environment by granting you wider flexibility in scaling the teams, simplifying the recruiting process, increasing the overall job security, and integrating engineers in your team in a fast and reliable way.


Our solution architects understand the business behind the development and know what works for customers and what does not. They are responsible for the technical design of the software solution without losing sight of the feasibility, financial impact, and operational security.
They are skilled in:
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Our software engineers are a driving force for software development and improvement. Inside a team environment, they are responsible for the overall quality of the delivered code, and they oversee every step of the software development: from the design of the future software solution to its implementation in the production cycle. MM Guide’s standards for Software Engineers are very strict: we are well aware that these positions require knowledge that goes beyond mere coding. Our software engineers will provide your organization with a future-oriented vision, solid technical knowledge, and the ability to transform your wishes into reliable software.
They are skilled in:
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Over the years, automation has become an essential part of any modern organization. MM Guide’s VBA specialists have the know-how to implement VBA applications in any work environment, allowing your organization to enjoy all the benefits that automation has to offer in terms of time-saving and reliability. Thanks to exceptional tactical applications design skills, our VBA specialists will promptly bring your company up to speed with the current standard, best practices, and procedures.
They are skilled in:


Regardless of the size of the organization, being able to predict the market’s behaviors is the key to elaborate detailed and reliable plans for the future. Our business analysts use data analytics tools, data visualization, and data modeling techniques to transform raw data into valuable insights for your company. Thanks to this process, we will be able to identify trends that will aid managers and executives in making business decisions based on empirical information, modernizing and improving every process of the organization.
They are skilled in:


Many companies are aware of the added value of data but do not yet have the means to fully leverage this data. We guide companies to achieve their short and long-term data goals.


Our data engineers provision and set up data platform technologies that are on-premise or in the cloud. They manage and secure the flow of structured and unstructured data from multiple sources. Data engineers ensure that data services securely and seamlessly integrate with other data platform technologies or application services such as Azure Cognitive Services, Azure Search, or even bots.


Our specialists are equipped to be involved in the design of architectures, the build, and deployment with Azure DevOps and other Azure services. They also configure ETL and Azure Data Factory pipelines and perform data engineering. We have extensive technical knowledge of existing technologies such as the Azure Data Platform, SQL Datawarehouse, Azure Data Lake, and Azure Databricks. Our data engineers have years of experience in software development environments of BI, data, and data warehousing.

They are skilled in:


Any strategy is based on the analysis of data and our business intelligence specialists made strategic design and BI software implementation their strength. Their tasks include selecting, blueprinting, gathering, designing, and rolling out the best BI solutions possible, in accordance with the customer needs. Furthermore, these BI software solutions are directly integrated with clients’ databases and data warehouses, to grant complete control and fast access to the data. Our BI specialists will also implement support functions and perform in-depth testing, to ensure software longevity.
They are skilled in:
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