MM Guide was founded in 1995 with the intent of delivering excellent quality and clarity to customers in need of new software solutions. Today, more than 25 years later, these principles are shared by all our employees, bright minds focused on future technologies and new challenges.

The evolution of our software

Over the years, MM Guide strived to offer only high-quality software solutions to its customers. This approach pushed our developers toward the design of new and tailor-made software. The need for these solutions to always be up to date with the highest standards, urged MM Guide to act as a data-partner to customers, promoting meaningful and healthy work relationships.


The drive behind the relationship with our customers is one of mutual growth: we do our best to deliverer the most precise and customized solutions, while our clients offer us new challenges and points of view. Our strength is within our people and their ability to listen to customers’ desires, always ask for the ‘WHY’ behind these needs and translate their wishes into a solid, scalable, and efficient solutions.

Our greatest strength

As previously mentioned, the strength of MM Guide lies in its people. Our goal is not only to fulfill our customers’ desires, we also want to help them realize what they really need and why. For this reason, our specialists are aware that clear communication lies at the root of great teamwork, and they are ready to join the ranks of your team while carrying these values with them. Our specialists developed their skills and knowledge over years of direct experience in software development, and they are ready to join your projects and become valuable members of your team from day one.


For us, growth does not only mean higher revenue and a larger organization.

The people working at MM Guide are the core of every process that takes place inside and outside the company. Because of this, growing and nourishing our colleagues is our top priority.

This allows MM Guide to promptly adapt to the ever-changing software development market, always having the know-how to implement the best-suited technologies in our solutions.

Therefore, we actively promote training, courses, certifications, and any activity that might enrich its employees and build strong foundations for future endeavors.


Over the years, the market evolution brought MM Guide to adopt a more agile approach to, software development. Due to this, our custom software is designed using a “toolbox” thinking and, it is developed using the Scrum framework. We understand that every customer works in a unique environment and our way of working evolved to promptly adapt to these circumstances.
To better face any possible challenge, our multidisciplinary teams consist of a scrum master, a business analyst, a software architect, developers and testers. Our teams are designed and optimized to deliver high-quality products in short-cycled sprints, providing a great cost-value ratio to our clients.


We want to build long-lasting and honest relationships with our clients. For this reason, we do not aim to deliver hastened solutions that will solve client’s issues only temporarily; our goal is to commit to our clients long term, helping them to keep the software we created as relevant as it was on day one.


We achieve this by providing the best custom software quality and by maintaining a great transparency level, not only in results and progress but also in our tariffs. We strongly believe in building a long-lasting business, together.

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