During the past 25 years, MM Guide gathered different sets of tools, methods, and technologies to provide the best possible outcome for its projects. This repository of knowledge allows us to face new challenges while ensuring the best possible results for our clients.

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To assure a constant generation of value as well as swift and clear communication with our customers, MM Guides adheres to the Agile/Scrum framework. This allows us to provide our customers with fast-paced adaptive solutions while allowing them to be directly involved and updated on the actual state of the project. Furthermore, MM Guide’s daily operations follow the Scrum framework, allowing our specialists to easily fit in similar work environments at our clients.

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PDCA Cycle

The Plan-Do-Check-Act model allows MM Guide to always be in control of its processes, granting a constant and steady improvement. By applying this iterative model, MM Guides quickens all the processes necessary to the creation of new products, while monitoring their quality and functions. The iterative nature of this model perfectly fits with the Agile/Scrum framework, granting a perfect synergy between planning and execution.

Toolbox Thinking

Use the right tool for the right job is a saying that not only rings true in the craftmanship world, but also in the world of technology. At MM Guide we constantly strive to learn new skills and technologies to be able to quickly adapt to different challenges and scenarios. Over the years we took this way of thinking to the next level, becoming metaphorical blacksmiths. This wide range of skills allows us to create our own tools when needed, allowing our specialists to provide unique solutions to our clients.

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