Core values represent the foundations of MM Guide and are shared and followed by all the members of the organization. We use these core values to guide our decisions and they serve as a measurement to evaluate if the work we are performing is up to our standards. Core values influence every task we perform, and we constantly strive to use them as an ethical compass. Our core values are the heart and soul of MM Guide, and we all actively pursue and promote them in our everyday work life.


MM Guide promotes an open and transparent organizational culture, where personal development and growth are encouraged and nourished. Employees are also invited to actively participate in the development of the organization, openly bringing their personal thoughts and ideas into the company’s growth.


At MM Guide we recognize each other’s knowledge, expertise, and insights.

Being loyal and honest towards each other, the organization, and to clients is what we value the most. We constructively challenge each other while directly participating in the growth of our colleagues.


We are result-oriented and work in the best interest of our customers. We actively research best practices to maximize efficiency and efficacy, while keeping our attention on the current wishes and future needs of our clients.
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