“Our mission is to grow data-rich customers into data-driven decision-makers.”


“Guide organizations toward a data-driven culture and strengthen the decision-making process.”



Experts are the core engine of MM Guide. Our data engineers, analysts, and developers have years of experience in software development and they pay particular attention to communication, making them valuable team members from day one.

Tailor made software

Developing custom software based on the needs of each client is our pride and joy. We translate your wishes into solid, scalable, and efficient solutions, uniquely designed for your company.

BI & Data warehousing

Having 25 years of experience in this field, we have extensive knowledge of BI and Datawarehousing. We help to transform your data into actionable insights to make the best decision every day.

Migration Services

Being up to date with current software standards is a common goal, and it would be our pleasure to help you achieve it.

Make your software environment secure, reliable, and accessible today.

Learning Platform

We developed Omniscius for CIBOT and IRP. It is a comprehensive platform designed for a wide range of training-related tasks: course management, customer administration, certificates, e-learning, and planning tool for both instructors and students.​
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