Tech Update July

The world of IT is always moving and changing at an incredible pace. It can be daunting to keep up to date with all of those changes, so I will try to help you out by summing up the most interesting reads to me (and hopefully to you as well) in the past month. These tech update posts will mostly contain news and updates regarding technology (obviously!), however, I will also include some non tech-related articles from time to time.

Microsoft .net 6 preview

Microsoft announced the latest version of .NET. It includes .NET Multi-platform App UI, extended Blazor support and much more.

Windows 11

Microsoft officially announced Windows 11. Read about some of the new features in windows 11 in this article.

Azure and Coursera are teaming up

Coursera now has dedicated courses for some of Microsoft’s most popular exams. This might be helpful for those of you studying for the Miscrosoft exams.

The future of data science

Here are some interesting thoughts on data science and Excel, looking back at why Excel is such a powerful tool and what we can expect, tool-wise, in the future.

Angular 12 & angular devtools

We all know Angular is always rapidly developing and here you can read about yet again a new version of the Angular framework, Angular 12. In the Angular space, another really interesting development is happening. They released a new tool, a Chrome extension called Angular DevTools, to inspect your angular application and its performance.

Scaleup a startup

An interesting take on sales in a small company from Mosyle CEO & Founder, Alcyr Araujo.
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